The Ogemaw. A Hybrid Flatbow. 56" bow at 30" of draw.

The Ogemaw

A Hybrid Flatbow

  The Ogemaw is a short, Hybrid Flat bow that offers extremely smooth draw, shock free and quiet release, and very instinctive pointing for accurate and effortless shooting. Available in 54", 56" and 58" lengths for every size shooter, draw weights upto 60#.
The Ogemaw is cut to center and the grip is shaped to offer positive, firm and repeatable hand placement allowing for the effortless accurate shooting that we need when in the woods or on the target butts. 
The Base bow starts at $625 and includes Solid color glass on the back and belly, and multiple wood riser made up of woods that I have on hand, and core laminations that will compliment the bows look, while providing solid performance and integrity.
Custom versions are $725 and include clear glass back and belly, multiple fancy exotic riser woods, fancy limb veneers and high performance core laminations. 
If you are looking for rock solid hunting bow, you have come to the right place. My 25+ years of bow hunting and bow building have culminated to make this bow, You get to enjoy the results.