Two Tracks Echo. An American Longbow. Made popular by Howard Hill, Perpetuated By Two Tracks

The Echo

An American Longbow

 The Echo is an American style Longbow, made in the tradition of the Great Howard Hill.
A very simple bow to look at, but leaves nothing on the bone when built right.
Layout, Tiller, and Balance will need to be spot on to get the most of this "Simple Design".
I wanted to replicate the bows that Mr. Hill personally made in the early days of his Impressive career as "The Worlds Greatest Archer",
Look, Feel and Performance are all there. The Echo is a bow capable of any endeavor in the field or at the butts.
   The Echo is built in the Classic Style.
Solid color glass, Bamboo core, and hardwood riser. The limbs are narrow and deep, Tiller and Balance are perfect, Grips are made to perfectly fit your hand, with a wedge, dished or straight profile. Classic. As they should be.