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  • Wool Dryer Balls.

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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Our Felted Wool Dryer Balls have become very popular. Here are a few reasons why.
    Reduces Static: The wool Creates an opposite charge from other materials and they end up Canceling each other out.
    Chemical Free: Do I need to explain?  
    Scent Free: For those with allergies, OR use your favorite Essential Oils for a custom fragrance.
    Softens Clothes: "Beats the clothes up" keeping the fluffy and softer.
    Reduces Dry Time: Keeps clothes lofty while in the dryer letting the hot air work better and faster.
    Reduces Landfill waste: Re-usable for 100's of loads. 1-2 yrs life span is not uncommon.

    Hunters like our Dryer Balls as they contain no scents or Chemicals, so they can be used when cleaning hunting clothes.
    No Chemicals means folks with common allergies to regular dryer sheets now can have an option when drying clothes. Essential Oils can be used to aid in fighting allergies or adding scents if desired.

    Each set of our Wool Dryer Balls consists of Three- 2 ounce,"Softball" size Balls. Use all 3 balls at the same time everytime you dry a load of laundry. Balls should be loose and free in the dryer. ALL Colors are 100% Natural. No Dyes or stains.
    Use them all at the same time, loose and free in the dryer.