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String Scallops (string silencers)

$12.00 $10.00

After about 2 years of testing,We are very happy to offer our new String Silencers. Many versions on many different bows have led us to settle on what I feel is one of the best silencers on the market.


The String Scallop has a few improvements and advantages over traditional String silencers. 

1. EASY to INSTALL. Seperate the bundles in your bow string, slip in the String Scallop, brace the bow, Each end of the String Scallop will have a slit in it,the string should rest in that slit, now "scrunch" the ends together. DONE!

2.NO HITCH-HIKING. Burs and stick tights pull off if they stick at all. Get a bur in the "puff" type silencer, and it is there for ever.

3.LONG LASTING. I have a prototype set in my personal bow that have been shot 1000's of times and they are showing no signs of quit. You can move them from string to string as easy as adding a new set.

4.TUNABLE. The shooter can slide the String Scallop up or down the string to aid in the tuning process. If you need to move it very far,just remove it and re-install it to the better location. Each bow is unique to itself and the shooter,but a good starting point is about 1/3 down from each tip.

String Scallops come in various colors and are Hand made using the same Felting process we use on all of our products. As always, our wool is produced on our farm,no dyes or stains used. 100% natural-NO Synthetics.

 Sold in our Two Track Two Pack. Price is $12.00/2pr