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  • Felted Wool Insoles

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    When I started guiding elk and deer hunters in Montana in the fall of 1996, I learned the value of wool. It started with a trip to the local Cobbler shop to see why my feet froze everyday. My friend Kenny asked what I wore for boots and socks. He didn't say much after I replied,he just went to a couple different shelves and then handed me some wool socks and insoles and told me sit down so he could measure me up for a good pac boot with a wool liner. We took a good thing and made it better. I have no doubt in my mind when I say that our 100% felted wool Insoles are a must for anybody that wears shoes or boots. The benefits are many. They add a layer of insulation between your foot and the ground while at the same time giving some extra cushion. Next, the insoles will pull a tremendous amount of moisture away from your skin, keeping your foot warmer in the cold weather and more comfortable in the hotter weather. We wear them everyday of the year in all of our shoes and boots. After a day in the field or on the job,you can remove the insoles and let them dry. This will remove a large portion of the moisture that would otherwise be left in your footwear. Couple this with a quality boot/shoe dryer and you will start each new day with dry and ready feet. Dry feet are happy feet. We start with a very high quality wool that is cleaned and then hand felted into a dense wool material. Each insole is then cut out by hand for the required size and then it is stitched to give it a theraputic texture and added body. As far as I know, our insoles are the only, 100% wool, stitched insole on the market today.